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28 05 14 - milk chocolate
sudo dudes
warning: this is self-betaed. girl!suho
a/n: i’m craving for fluff and i got the idea from watching a chocolate commercial (this and this) and i love milk chocolate for dear life. this is h-4 my final exam and i don’t regret writing this. not an english native, so sorry for the errors ;-;

how yifan asks junmyeon out with a bar of chocolateCollapse )
Title: Nightmare of Horror Games
Pairings: HunHan. Ninja!SuDo because I can't resist the urge of writing about that couple. Hehe!
WARNING: There are some cussing words; I censored some of them, but not all, because it will ruin the dialogue.
Disclaimer: I do not own 'Amnesia' game, it belongs to its creator. The characters within the fanfiction are not mine. Inspired from a Youtube user, Pewdiepie.
A/n: Inspired from Pewdiepie. Okay, I'm being a bro lol. If you know Pewdiepie, you will know what 'Amnesia' is. So, I will use some of his famous quotes and/or his self-made characters' names. But the story is not all about him. Sorry about typos and mistakes.

Sehun yang iseng menonton video playthrough game horor milik user bernama Pewdiepie di Youtube. Luhan yang agak kewalahan menghadapinya. Dan member EXO yang lain terkena imbasnya.Collapse )
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